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Mitec Monitor

Monitor can be used with Mitec SatelLite60, RMS GSM-measuring stations, Mitec AT40g as well as SatelLite portable data loggers.
Mitec Monitor is our measuring server program that is used for larger projects and has the capacity to manage many measuring objects at the same time.

Each object can be divided into several subgroups and a number of data loggers can be included in each subgroup. Different Mitec instruments can be combined.

Mitec Monitor has functions for automatic communication via modem, GSM-telephone, radio etc, and can manage a large number of measuring sensors and instruments at the same time.
Automatic calendar-based data acquisition and inbuilt alarm functions make Monitor suitable for monitoring applications.

Measuring data can be exported to other systems via LAN, Internet and using SMS-messages. Monitor can also present measuring data on-line in order to study processes in real-time.

In addition, Monitor has functions for advanced analysis of measuring data using for example X-Y graphs and complex macro expressions. Time selectors provide unique functionality for selection of measuring data in different time ranges such as DAY, NIGHT, SUMMER etc.

Monitor is highly compact (only approx. 0.8 Mb program code) and is installed locally or in a network as a server or client (reader). The program can be used under Windows 98/2999/NT/ME as well as XP and is available in Swedish and English.

The program is optimised to use minimal memory and the amount of information that can be managed is limited only by the size of the hard disk.

Measuring objects
Measuring series/sensor
Measuring values/series
268 million
Measuring values/sensor
2000 million

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Mitec Monitor


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