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Remote monitoring and telematics

Today we can see how IT and Internet have changed our way of measuring, monitoring and collecting information. It affects decision-making processes and changes our business models. What is a threat and what is an opportunity, what works best for you?

The biggest change is that you can monitor systems, collect and use measuring data from wherever you are and whenever it suits, by using wireless communication and Internet-based solutions.

Mitec’s measuring service www.it-sensors.com and the new GSM/GPRS terminal platform SatelLite60 takes care of your measuring and frees up resources for your core activities.

Mitec has many years experience in this field and delivers complete solutions for different industries.

Data logging

Mitec supplies all components needed in a modern measuring system. We have measuring sensors, data loggers, communication equipment, software and accessories.

We strive to make our products flexible and easy to use, so that you can focus your efforts on your work and not on your tools. Mitec helps you create knowledge from measuring data.

Mitec has developed and marketed data loggers since 1984 when we introduced on of the first modern data loggers to the market. Since then, our data loggers have become known for their reliability and accuracy, and for being intuitive and easy to use.

Our most popular data logger, the Mitec AT40, has clocked up over 3 million operating hours. More than 12,000 sensors are used with our loggers, and several thousand organisations run our analysis software.


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