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Wireless monitoring of groundwater levels

Wireless monitoring of groundwater levels

Measurement of groundwater levels

Mitec’s measuring stations are installed at measuring points either above the ground or in wells. Using Mitec’s patented method, the entire measuring station including batteries can be placed inside drilled wells with diameters of 4” or more. For level measurements, immersible pressure sensors are used that automatically compensate for variations in barometer pressure. Several sensors can be used with each measuring station. The entire unit is power supplied from normal torch batteries with lifetime of up to a half year.

Internet or own measuring server

Measuring data is transferred to the measuring server via the GSM-network for presentation on Internet on www.it-sensors.com. You see your graphics and statistics directly in Internet Explorer. As part of this service, Mitec takes care of all traffic and delivers measuring values to your own database for further export to control and monitoring systems. The measuring server can also be freestanding as it has its own inbuilt graphic and statistic functions.

Alarm via SMS

Measuring stations have SMS-functions, and at critical levels an alarm is sent directly to one or more mobile telephones. You can also request measuring values to be sent to your mobile phone whenever you want.



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