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RMS 40 - Measuring station with optimal communication

  • For thermocouple, Pt100, current clamps, pulses, current and voltage
  • When you need flexible or portable solutions that can be changed during operation
  • When you need display and push buttons for local reading
  • When you need tele modem, short-haul modem, local radio or GSM modem
Mitec RMS40 is a family of universal measuring stations offering powerful performance. They are developed for use in applications where the emphasis is on flexibility, ease of operation, and robustness.

The RMS40 range includes both fixed-installed and portable, battery-powered measuring stations. The standard RMS40 has an in-built GSM-modem, but is also available with an industrial telephone modem or radio communication. Turnkey measuring stations complete with sensors can be delivered if required.

Using Mitec’s SmartCable™ concept, sensors for pressure, temperature, level, flow, power and many other parameters can be connected without converters or ”black boxes”. Once the measuring sensors are connected they are identified automatically.
The measuring station makes continuous registrations of measuring data from connected sensors and delivers quality-assured time series. One to 128 measuring sensors can be connected to each measuring station. RMS40 can be used independently, or as part of a geographically-spread measuring system.
Our unique knowledge of low-power measuring technology means that we can deliver unmanned measuring stations with battery-operation and GSM-communication.

Communication and presentation

Measuring data can be managed in two ways: via it-sensors.com – Mitec’s measuring service on Internet where we take care of the measuring process for you, or by running your own measuring server using Mitec Monitor software.
Mitec Monitor enables you to operate your own measuring server supporting from one to a thousand measuring stations. The program automatically collects measuring data at a preset interval from measuring stations, and can send trend alarms via SMS and e-mail. Monitor has advanced analysis tools and can automatically publish measuring data and statistics on your website.

All sensors and signals can be connected

Mitec RMS40's uniqueness lies in its flexibility and the ability to connect many different types of external signals and measuring sensors.
Signal inputs are completely universal which means that all eight
channels can be used for virtually any type of signal, in any combination.
The most common types are analog signals from measuring sensors
and instruments, pulses from flow and energy and other meters, status signals (on/off) as well as time measurements.

Mitec SmartCable™

Mitec SmartCables are used to connect signals and sensors to the AT40g logger. The SmartCable triggers the logger to scale the input signal and process information with the correct magnitude and unit, using a range of languages.
No external "interface boxes" are needed and it is not necessary to remember any scale factors. Connect the cable to an input and the installation is complete
Around 700 different sensors, signals and instruments can currently be connected, and the range is continually expanding. SmartCables can also be used with Mitec AT40 and AT31 loggers.

Measurements with RMS40

Sensors for the following measurements can be connected directly to RMS40.

Angle pH
Bridge sensors Position
CH Power
CO2 Power factor
Conductivity Pressure
Current AC/DC Pulses
Current clamp Pyrometer
Dew point Rainmeter
Dust conc. Resistance
Electrical field Revolutions
Electricity meter Rotor position
Flow Speed
Frequency Status
Humidity Temperature
H2S Temp. Pt100
Hg Temp. Pt1000
Light Temp. thermistor
Magnetic ind. Thermocouple J
Mass Thermocouple K
NH3 Thermocouple T
NO2 Thermocouple N
Noise Thermocouple S
O2 UV-light
Operating time Voltage AC / DC
Oxy-meter Volume
  RMS40 fast installerad mätstation.
RMS40 fixed-installed
measuring station.

RMS40M mobil mätstation.
RMS40M mobile measuring



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