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Sensors for electricity

Mitec stocks a range of products for measurements in conjunction with mapping electricity and energy usage in housing, as well as commercial and industrial premises.

Alternating current

Current clamps are the most used sensors for electricity measurements. Effect and power can often be measured with a single current clamp.
Most clamps on the market can be connected with a single cable. Different designs with measuring ranges from 1 to 1500 A are available.
For safety reasons, a transformer is used when measuring voltage.

Alternating voltage

A galvanically isolated signal-converter connected to mains power is recommended for measuring alternating voltage. Measuring ranges up to 600 V AC can be delivered.

Power / energy

Electrical power is measured using electronic electricity meters, with the pulse output connected to a Mitec logger. An optical eye is mounted on the electricity meter that counts the rotation of the disk. The logged power can then be recalculated as energy, and the result presented graphically on a PC.

Magnetic fields

Magnetic and electrical fields are becoming increasingly recognised for their effect on the working environment. Mitec delivers instruments that can be connected to our loggers for continual logging and graphic presentation.


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