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Sensors for flow/power

Mitec’s range includes a number of the most commonly-used flow sensors on the market. Most have a signal input that can be connected to Mitec’s portable and GSM-loggers.

Flow measurement

There is a wide range of products on the market for measuring gas and liquid flow. Most standard types are included in Mitec’s range.

Water flow

The cheapest and simplest way of measuring water flow is using mechanical meters. Mitec supplies cold and hot water meters from Pollux’s broad range. Most meters have a pulse output and can be connected directly to Mitec’s data loggers for registration of flow and volume.

Air flow

Air flow in the range 0.5 to 20m/s can be measured using a thermo-anemometer or differential pressure sensors. These sensors have outputs suitable for connecting to Mitec’s data loggers.

Ultrasound meter

An ultrasound meter is often a practical solution for occasional flow measurements made for a short period at a time. This type of meter is mounted outside the pipe and does not affect the system. The instrument shows flow and has outputs for registering data using Mitec’s data loggers.

Rain meters

For measuring rain and very low flows in open systems, a ”tipping bucket” meter is used. The meters are connected to Mitec’s data loggers, and flow and volume are stored in the logger.


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