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Sensors for humidity

Different types of sensors are available for measuring humidity. Hand probes are the most universal and suitable for occasional measurements of indoor climate. Special sensors are available for measurements during building construction. Fixed installed sensors have output signals suitable for both measurement and automation systems.

Hand probes

For general measuring purposes, a variety of hand probes are available from Lee Integer, Vaisala, Rotronic and others, with a measuring range from 10% to 95% RH.

Fixed installed sensors

For installation in control and measuring systems, a wide range of measuring sensors is available under the Lee Integer brand. Both wall and duct-mounted models are available. Sensors are delivered with robust enclosures and inbuilt 1-20 mA transmitters. Combined temperature and humidity sensors are also available.

Calibration equipment

Mitec offers a unique system for traceable calibration using Humitec calibration capsules. Capsules are delivered with a calibration certificate traceable according to NAMAS, and can be used for up to a year without recalibration. Capsules are available from 6% to 98% RH and are suitable for all types of relative humidity sensors.


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