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Sensors for wind and climate

Mitec’s measuring station SatelLite60 is, when used with meteorological sensors, a complete cost-effective weather station for companies, municipalities and organisations. The station can be adapted for individual applications and delivered complete.

The advantages with GSM and battery-operation are particularly evident here. Mitec’s measuring server can deliver weather information to an overriding computer system or directly to the customer’s website.

Wind speed and wind direction

Mitec delivers high quality equipment at reasonable prices from German manufacturers. In addition to traditional rotating / vane sensors, ultrasound sensors are also available. The output signal from sensors is 4-20 mA and they can be powered directly from SatelLite 60’s battery. During winter usage, separate heating is required. Mitec’s measuring server has functions for logging and calculation of wind direction in a correct manner. Different accessories are available for power supply and installation.

Temperature and baromter pressure

Temperature sensors are available in different designs with radiation protection of metal or plastic. Barometer sensors are also available in different designs.


Precipitation meters are available for both rain and rain/snow. The latter is equipped with heating and requires continual power supply, which the rain meter does not require. Both are of the “tipping bucket” type, and emit a pulse for a set quantity of precipitation in mm.


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