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Sensors for pH and conductivity

pH, which indicates the acidity in water-based solutions, is an extremely important parameter in all environmental monitoring (pH is the quantity of hydrogen ions in the water, the more ions the more acid the water). There are a great many types of pH equipment on the market of which most are intended for fixed installation in process environments.

We have a limited selection of mechanically robust and well-tested electrodes in combination with armatures with recognized brands. Redox potential can also be presented.

Conductivity indicates the ability of a material to lead electrical current and the unit is Siemens (S). Conductivity is the inverse of resistance (ohm=1/S). In practical usage, conductivity is indicated per length unit. The measuring range for clean water is 0.1 to 10 mS/cm. Sensors are available with different measuring ranges from 0-0.1 to 0-200 mS/cm.

pH-sensors with inbuilt transmitter

Now available on the market is a robust combined immersible pH-sensor and transmitter with a 4-20 mA output. This has the advantage of sensors and amplifiers being combined in one unit as well as being two-wire powered and battery-powered. The distance between measuring station and sensors can thus be as far as several hundred meters. The unit can easily be calibrated in the field using a new method without tools or instruments.

pH-sensors with separate amplifiers and armature

The most common type of sensor has separate amplifiers and sensors, often combined with immersion armatures. The amplifier is installed in Mitec’s measuring station and is used for calibration as well as for transformation of sensor signals. Armatures with fastenings are available in different lengths and material for installation in open systems, basins and tanks.

Conductivity sensors

There are many different types of measuring sensors on the market. Contact sensors are used for clean liquids, which are in principle two metal electrodes mounted in an insulated holder with a defined size and a distance that is specified with a “cell constant”.


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