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Sensors for temperature

Temperature – our most common measurement

The physical parameter that most affects us and our surrounding environment is temperature. Not surprisingly it is the most frequently measured of all physical parameters, and has the widest range of measuring applications. Material is measured in its three aggregate conditions – solid, liquid and gaseous. This requires measuring equipment with the right design, accuracy and reliability to function in these different environments.

Mitec has most different types of sensors for temperature; some of the more usual are described below. The sensors are available in many different types and can for a charge be delivered with a calibration certificate from an accredited measuring service.


Thermocouple sensors are available in different designs for different applications. Type K (chromel-Alumel) is the most common but types J, T, S and N are also stocked. Sensors are available as wire in fibreglass or PVC, as well as insulation-protected. Mantel thermocouples are available in diameters from 0.15 mm to 3 mm. Specially designed sensors are also available for surface and pipe-measurements. Connectors and other components are also available. Measuring range is approx. –100 to 1800°C.

Thermistor sensors

Thermistor sensors are a well proven and extremely accurate type of sensor best suited to climate measurements. They are low-priced relative to their performance. Measuring range is approx. -40 to 120°C and accuracy inclusive measuring instrument is approx. ? 0.3°C. Different designs are available for measuring in air, water, and on surfaces. Sensors can be connected directly to a Mitec AT40g data logger.


Probably the most common industrial temperature sensor is Pt100. Pt100 is available in different designs for measurements in gases and liquids. Normal accuracy classes are 1/3 DIN and Class B.

Accessories temperature sensors

Mitec also offer mounting accessories such as radiation protection, depth tubing etc.


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