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Measuring server runs your system

Mitec Monitor™ is a fully automatic communication and data collection program with all functions for secure, continuous collection of measuring data from a large number of measuring stations.

• Complete program that is installed, customised and maintained by the user
• Fully automatic polling of many measuring stations
• Communication and storage
• Automatic transfer of measuring data to other systems
• Communication program only or complete monitoring system
• Microsoft Windows

Communication with measuring servers

Mitec Monitor reads in measuring data from Mitec’s measuring stations and terminals via the computer’s COM-ports. Monitor can handle direct input, telephone modem, GSM modem or virtual (program) modem.
Monitor communicates with Mitec’s measuring stations using a block-oriented self-correcting binary protocol.
Collection is managed using a time-clock and intervals for each measuring object run by the scheduler.

Storing data

Measuring data is stored in customer-defined measuring objects that continually time-stamp time series with SI-quantity / unit for each sensor. It is optimised for fast handling even with extremely long time series (the longest time series stored to date is 6.3 million measuring values). The Gregorian calendar is used with reference to time 00:00:00:000 year 0000 (resolution 1mS).

Export to controlling systems

Measuring data can be automatically transferred to other systems via a local network, FTP or e-mail, freely programmable by the user. The file format is text (ASCII matrix) or graphic diagram presentation (BMP or GIF). Monitor also has functionality for transferring selectable data on request as a data file (query).


Selectable number of limit alarms can be set for each measuring sensor. Alarms are sent out in selectable format via e-mail or SMS (Telia SMSC via UDP protocol). Alarm reports are stored for printing to screen or printer.

Local presentation

Monitor is designed for stand-alone operation. Monitor generates log files for each event. Log reports can be requested at optional intervals. Functionality for triggering an external hardware watchdog with SMS alarm.

Operation and maintenance

Monitor är konstruerad för fristående stand alone drift. Monitor genererar loggfiler över varje händelse. Loggrapporter över valfria intervall kan begäras. Funktioner för triggning av extern hårdvaru watchdog med SMS-larm.


Monitor is installed in a PC-environment with Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP/2000/2003. The program is independent of other programs in the computer and uses only inbuilt drive routines. The entire application can be moved using the “copy” command. Monitor is available in “server” version with communication routines and in “client” version for information presentation only.

Updates and service

Users with a service agreement are entitled to free updates via Internet from www.mitec.se.

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