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Accessories for the SatelLite60 series

Battery pack

Alkaline batteries 12V 15Ah (at 20°C), 8 x LR20 in plastic holder with Velcro? fastener. For use with all Mitec measuring stations and GSM loggers.

Battery pack in aluminium

Aluminium case 30 x 8 x 4cm with protection class IP54 for 8 x LR20 batteries 12V 15Ah (at 20°C). 80cm cable with dividable cable. For use with all Mitec measuring stations and GSM loggers. Delivered complete with batteries.

Power supply for SatelLite60

Compact, short-circuit proof, enclosed power supply 100-240V AC 50/60 Hz. Output voltage 24V DC 1.0A. Installed on DIN-rail. Size 90 x 50 x 62mm.

Portable power supply

Portable power supply 230V / 12V 0.8A. Suits for Sat60 alarm module and GSM logger.

Interruption-free power supply

Rechargeable sealed lead acid battery 12V 1.3 Ah with automatic compensating charger 230V. Suitable for mounting in box where space is limited. For 6-10 days operation of measuring stations Sat60 during power failure (operating time is dependent on the sensors used, contact Mitec for calculation).

Insulation amplifier

Passive insulation amplifier 0-20mA / 0-20mA. For measuring stations Sat60 and RMS for galvanic insulation of measuring sensors. Insulation voltage 0.5kV, potential drop 3V, max. 50mA.

Lightening protector for measuring sensors

Surge protection with gas discharge tube, varistor and Zener-diode for sensors with 4-20mA output. Max. 28V DC power supply. For protection of equipment installed outdoors. DIN-rail assembly.

Output circuit breaker

Circuit breaker for control output from SatelLite60 GSM measuring stations. Used for manoeuvring of external equipment. Two change-over contacts max. 8A / 250V AC. For assembly on DIN-rail, connection with screw terminal block. Not recommended for continuous use with battery. For 12V system (8.5 – 15V). Current consumption 35 mA at 12V and for 24V systems (16.8-31V).

Heating-element with thermostat

Element plus controllable thermostat for heating of Sat60 and RMS measuring stations 230V 10W. Approx. 15°C temperature increase in uninsulated cabinets. DIN-rail assembly.
Price installed in cabinet.

ASSA lock kit

Assembly kit for door lock with ASSA-bolt in measuring station Sat60-SS. Note: lock bolt not included.

Pole attachment

Accessory for pole-mounting of Sat60 and RMS measuring stations in metal cabinet.

Magnetic base antenna

Magnetic base antenna 900 MHz with high amplification for difficult reception conditions. Works best when mounted on ground plane. 60cm fibreglass antenna and 5m cable. FME / TNC contact for direct connection to measuring stations, GSM loggers and alarm modules.

Dual band antenna

Ground plane-free dual-band antenna 900/1800 with high amplification for outdoor installation. Complete antenna with insulated mast (can be angled) for screw mounting. 2.5m low-loss cable with FME / TNC contacts for connection to Mitec SatelLite60 and RMS measuring stations, loggers and alarm modules.

Angled antenna

Angled ground plane-free antenna 900 MHz for alternative mounting. 18cm antenna with angled TNC-contact for direct connection to measuring stations, GSM loggers and alarm modules.

Antenna cable

Extension cable for antenna. Used with mounting of antenna outside standard enclosure, e.g. cabinet or montage angling. Equipped with TNC cable male contact to measuring station as well as TNC chassis female contact to antenna. Length 40cm. Bushing for insulation included.














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