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Technical data

Number of sensors 1 or 2 4 or 8 analog inputs for current, voltage or temperature as well as 1 input for pulses.
Type of measuring sensors Temperature, pressure, level, flow, humidity, CO2, electricity, power etc.
Powering of sensors Switched max 0,3 A with selectable delay (system's own power supply)
Inputs Current (0-20mA ), Voltage (0-1V, 0-15V. 0-45V) Pulses (max 16Hz), thermistor (-40 to 120 °C). By request Pt100 and thermocouple.
Selection of inputs On delivery.
Logging Continuous measurement, selectable reg. interval from 16 Hz to 24 hrs. Local memory for 62 000 measuring values.
Data output GSM modem as well as RS232 to PC. SMS text message.

GSM modem Inbuilt Dual band 900/1800 GSM modem with antenna.
SMS Limit alarm, request for measuring values, and control via SMS.
Measuring server Mitec Monitor measuring server program with automatic com-munication, presentation, SMS-alarm, export to other systems as well as remote control.
Measuring service Mitec's measuring service www.it-sensors.com.

Alarm type Limit value, high or low alarm.
Number of alarm limits Max 20 , divided freely between inputs.
Activity SMS to GSM-number (Space for 2 numbers)
With SMS. (Number of repetitions can be set)
Message Selectable text and measuring values
Settings GSM-data from measuring server with Mitec Monitor

Contol outputs
Control outputs 1 free output for remote control from SMS or measuring server
Type Transistor max 0,2A connection to earth (minus on measuring)

Enclosure IP65 aluminium profile, steel or polycarbonate.
Anslutning av signaler IP65 cable through-connection.
Size Alumin: 85 x 115 x 35 mm. Steel: 200 x 300 x 150 mm. Polycar-bonate:120 x 120 x 65 mm. Excluding antenna.
Antenna Standard: Rubber 200 mm. Option: Built into enclosure or ex-ternal magnet foot.
Power supply 6 - 45 V DC from external battery or power pack. Average power consumption 5 mA (Incl. GSM).

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