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In this section, you can download the latest version of Mitec’s analysis programs.

The program is installed automatically and can be run directly provided you have a valid service agreement.

If you have a valid service agreement you have the right to:

• Free updates (via Internet) to new versions of the program within the equivalent functionality level. 

•  Free telephone support from Mitec within reasonable limits.

• Free access to Mitec’s customer center on Internet with manuals and technical information.

(If a service agreement is not held, software updates to new versions within equivalent functionality level are charged at 20% of the program’s price).

How to download a program update:

Click on the program you wish to download. The program is saved in a temporary catalog.

Follow the instructions on the screen and the program is installed automatically.

NOTE! The licence number in your program contains validity information. If the licence is NO LONGER valid, the new version will run in demo mode. In this case, re-install the original program again.

Measuring data that has been collected is not affected.

User manual and demo data are included in the installation!

Mitec AT-com for AT31 and AT40

Mitec AT-com is a Windows communication program for transfer of measuring data from Mitec´s data loggers AT31 and AT40 to PC. Measuring data is stored as a text file in a selectable place. The program is not needed if you use Mitec WinLog or Mitec Monitor. The program can be downloaded here and installed directly on your PC.


WinLog v2.45, English »

Monitor v2.45, English »

WinSat v2.45, English »

AT-com, English »



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