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Mitec’s system for portable data acquisition in industry

Measurement gives you a solid base for decision-making

When a breakdown occurs it is often urgent; the problem must be found and fixed immediately. Not something that can be done by guesswork.

Mitec’s system is based on portable, battery-operated data loggers to which can be connected different types of measuring sensor. The measuring result is presented as graphs on a PC.
To get the facts, you need measurements. Measurements that show you how the temperature varies, whether the pressure is constant or which relay has tripped. You need to register events.

Measuring equipment should be easy to install and use, and results must be presented quickly and clearly.
  • General monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Temperature measurements
  • Measuring run-time on machinery
  • Running in
  • Service and maintenance
  • Quality control
  • Laboratory measurements
  • Environmental measurements
  • Climate monitoring in test rooms and laboratories
  • Recording energy consumption
  • Measurements for ventilation, water, heating and sanitation
The Mitec system is based on portable battery-powered data loggers to which various sensors are connected. Diagrams are presented as graphs on a PC.

It gives you a clear picture of what is happening in your process with a minimum of expense and effort. Above all, it gives you reliable basis for deciding what needs to be done.

A highly flexible measuring system

No two measurement projects are alike. Sometimes you only need a few sensors, sometimes you need many different sensors to measure different things. Mitec measuring systems are designed to cope with all requirements.
The heart of the system is the portable AT40g 8-channel data logger that can store up to 240,000 measurements taken at intervals ranging from 1 second to 24 hours. To this unit you can simply connect different types of sensors.


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