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Milestones in Mitec´s history

2004 Mitec’s measuring well for environmental monitoring receives Swedish patent.
2003 Introduction of Mitec’s new measuring system for environmental monitoring.
2002 Introduction of SatelLite60, Mitec’s new measuring platform for GSM-monitoring and logging.
2001 Mitec launch web-based measuring service it-sensors.com as well as Instrumentbutiken on internet. External investment acquired.
2000 Mitec introduce web-based data acquisition system.
2000 Mitec receives Dun and Bradstreet’s Triple A rating for 6th consecutive year.
1999 10 000th sensor fitted with Mitec SmartCable.
1998 Mitec introduces telemetry system for tank level monitoring.
1997 Mitec awarded Nutek (Verket för näringlivsutveckling) diploma for innovation and technical development for market study on logistic system for tank level monitoring. (Swedish business development agency)
1996 Mitec launches its first website.
1996 Mitec introduces SatelLite series of single-channel data loggers based on new microprocessor technology.
1995 Company renamed Mitec Instrument as part of export and marketing investment strategy.
1993 Mitec receives local Elektronic product of the year award for AT40g datalogger. Årets Elektronikprodukt från EDV.
1992 Mitec AT40g introduced with unique SmartCable concept for universal sensor input along with new generation of Windows software.
1991 Mitec wins environmental award from Swedish Development Foundation Utvecklingsfondens Miljöstipendium.
1988 Finnish government uses Mitec telemetry system with 400 measuring points to study increasing energy consumption trends throughout the country.
1987 Mitec AT30 introduced, first data logger with self-configuring universal inputs. A successful concept that set a new standard for datalogging.
1985 Mitec introduces its first dataloggers with built-in modem communication. Handheld, battery-powered, and the start of the IT era.
1984 Mitec MTM20 introduced, one of the first modern handheld dataloggers on the market.
1983 The company’s first product, the GTM temperature integrating instrument, was a high-accuracy, low-power instrument used for numerous research projects in Scandinavia.
1982 1982 Mitec Elektronik AB starts business with a new handheld technology for logging and analysis of data.


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