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Quality system

Mitec applies a quality system according to EN ISO 9001.
The governing document for the operation is the Mitec Quality Handbook.

The quality concept represents a comprehensive view that includes the operation and its personnel.

Instructions, responsibilities and authorities are well defined and all employees have the competence required for their area of responsibility. Company management is ultimately responsible for the quality system being upheld. Responsibility for ongoing quality processes is delegated to various functions. Suppliers are included in the quality process and only suppliers that can be expected to meet the requirements of the quality system are used.

Business concept

” Production and marketing of measuring instruments and accessories for analysis and control of systems and equipment within the climate, energy, environment and process fields.”

Quality policy

” By providing the customer with more than he expects, we create confidence in the company which is the basis for long-term customer relations and a strong economy. This thinking is to be characterized by an overall view where the expressed and unexpressed desires of the market and our customers are the guiding principle, and where technology is not to become an end in itself.”

This policy is realised by:
  • behaving as a serious and long-term partner that is a leader within the business area
  • having products and systems that clearly meet technical specifications and customer expectations
  • analysing and understanding the customer’s measuring need in order to provide correct advice and the most effective solutions
  • clearly meeting customer’s expectations for help, support and general treatment, as well as always putting ergonomics and ease of operation before technical features
  • deliver the right product at the right time to the right place

Environmental declarations

Mitec’s new measuring stations in the SatelLite60 series are environmentally declarared according to ISO 14021 (type II environmental marking). A detailed declaration is available for each product.

Circuit boards in electronic products contain electronic components that have a very small content of possible toxic substances. These substances can be harmful to people and the environment if discharged from electronic components. During normal usage the risk is low that these substances are released into the external environment.
Under the EU directive on the restriction of toxic substances in electrical products, (RoHS) 2002/C 90 E/02, toxic substances will be phased out of electrical products on the European market by 2006/2007. This product will be taken care of by Mitec Instrument when the product or part of the product is ready for destruction by an authorised processor. Refer also to the recycling declaration below.

Recycling declaration

Electronic products are classed as electronic waste and are to be separated from other waste and taken care of by authorised processor of electronic products. Mitec Instrument follows the appropriate regulations for manufacturer’s responsibility for electronic products and accepts products for final disposal through the use of ELFA environment cartons – a small-scale system for recycling of unwanted electronic products. The system is run in conjunction with the Swedish postal service and Ragn-Sells electronic recycling.


In its measuring stations in the Satellite60 series, Mitec uses Swan-marked alkaline batteries from Varta Consumer Batteries, license number 301006 ver. 16, VARTA-High Energy.

Swan-marking of disposable batteries version 3.1 (17 December 2002 – 14 September 2007) from SIS Miljömärkning AB, www.svanen.nu according to Nordisk Miljömärkning (Scandinavian Eco-labelling), has committed to following ISO 14024, “Eco-labelling and environmental declarations – type I environmental labelling – Principles and procedures”. Selection of production groups, environmental and functionality requirements are in line with the objectives, principles, practice and requirements in this standard.
ISO14024 makes such demands as that the criteria are objective and defensible, that verification methods exist, and that interested parties have the possibility to participate and have their opinions considered.

Metal content according to swan-marking
The metal content of the battery must not exceed the following metal content limits: mercury < 0.1 ppm, cadmium < 1.0 ppm, lead < 10 ppm.

EU directives and standards

2002/96/EG WEEE – EU directive concerning manufacturer responsibility for electronic products.
2002/19/EG RoHS – EU directive concerning restrictions for dangerous substances in electrical products.
Mitec’s products in the SatelLite60 family meet the following European standards:
Emission EN61000-6-4, Immunity N 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2 and ESP EN 61000-4-2.



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