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Mitec´s market focus


Mitec was founded in 1982 in Säffle. In 1984 we introduced one of the market’s first modern dataloggers and since then have continued to develop and market innovative products for data acquisition.

We refuse to sell “black boxes”!
From the start we’ve had a holistic approach and worked with total solutions – our systems are based on universal instruments combined with a wide range of sensors, communication solutions, and software for analysing and presenting measuring data. Now we even run a unique measuring service on Internet for customers who prefer to outsource the collection and presentation of their measuring data.

Since the breakthrough of GSM and Internet in the late 1990s we have developed our products into robust and practical systems for remote monitoring in a range of applications. As with our earlier instruments, our speciality is low-power design, and this makes our new GSM-loggers uniquely suited to remote environmental applications.
Mitec products are developed and manufactured in Sweden. Over the years, our datalogging systems have gained recognition for their reliability and accuracy, as well as for being intuitive and easy to use.

Our guiding principle is: “Knowledge from measuring data”

Market focus

Mitec’s measuring and remote monitoring systems are universal and are used in many different applications.
Within the growing market for remote-monitoring solutions, our focus is on environmental monitoring, strategic machine monitoring, tank monitoring and climate monitoring segments.
Our market focus for hand-held data loggers are the energy/electricity, building maintenance, indoor climate and process industry segments.

Development strategy

Our product development continues to build on our strong base concept of low-power solutions for measuring and monitoring. As new communications technologies emerge we integrate them into our systems. We work with new sensors and IT improvements on a daily basis to meet emerging requirements of individual markets.

Mitec Instrument, Box 25, SE-661 21 Säffle, Sweden
Visit: Hantverkaregatan 4, 661 30 Säffle, Sweden
Phone: +46 533 689370, E-mail: info@mitec.se